• The Connection Power of Empathy
    August 19, 2018 Learning How to Build Relationships by Resonating with Others’ Experiences “You’re clueless. You just don’t get me. You always have to be right.”“You really understand. Thank you…that means Read more
  • Making the New Year a Very Good Year
    January 1, 2011 The moment you become clear on what’s important for you to change, then write a plan and be resolute in your easy-step approach, the New Year will be Read more
  • Pleasing Your Partner
    February 1, 2011Look For Things That Please Your PartnerAlways Looking to Have a Satisfied Customer  To be able to rationally and intuitively figure out what your partner likes and dislikes, then Read more
  • Finding More Ease With the “Probable”
    July 1, 2011Finding More Ease With the “Probable”Focusing on the Most Likely Scenario Is More Calming  Once you get more practice at looking for the most likely outcome or explanation, and Read more
  • Allow Some Mental Space For Hodgepodge Thinking
    October 1, 2011Allow Some Mental Space For Hodgepodge ThinkingUnderstanding the Normalcy of Thinking Confusing or Paradoxical Thoughts  When you can give yourself permission to entertain some confusing or ambivalent thoughts and Read more
  • How to Better Learn Important Lessons
    November 1, 2011 How to Better Learn Important Lessons Ways to Learn Life Lessons More Deeply and Quickly  To make the lessons of life that you want to learn take root in Read more
  • Distinguish Between Being Wrong And Being OK
    December 1, 2011 Distinguish Between Being Wrong And Being OKHow To Unburden Yourself from Unnecessary Guilt  When you can make amends for doing something wrong instead of condemning yourself, and also excuse Read more
  • How To Balance Your Expectations
    February 1, 2012How To Balance Your ExpectationsWise Expectations Lead to Positive Outcome  The ability to have balanced expectations of yourself and other people is an outlook that will reduce disappointment and Read more
  • Understanding What Therapy Is All About
    March 1, 2012Understanding What Therapy Is All About Learning How Therapy Is a Roadmap For Overall Life Success  Once you realize that therapy is essential if you want to learn how Read more
  • Rev Up Your Motivational Horsepower
    May 1, 2011Rev Up Your Motivational HorsepowerGetting Yourself To Do Whatever You Need To Do Once you find good reasons why you want to get something done, and detail the reason Read more
  • Learn the Habit of Doing the Right Thing
    June 1, 2011Learn the Habit of Doing the Right ThingKeeping Yourself Honest and Trustworthy  Getting into the habit of choosing what’s right instead of what’s easy or tempting will bring you Read more
  • Stay Calm Instead of Overemotional
    March 1, 2011Stay Calm Instead of OveremotionalKeeping the Lid on Negative Emotional Extremes  When you get better at expressing yourself with calmness or healthy emotion, instead of with unnecessary intensity, other Read more
  • How To Find A Good Therapist
    August 1, 2010 Once you’re able to get a pretty good idea of the kind of therapist (or coach) who is good for you and in whom you are willing to Read more
  • Don’t Get Angry
    March 1, 2009 When you are able to replace anger with mere frustration and with the conviction that everyone else has the same freedom of choice that you do, you will Read more
  • Having A Good Serious Talk With Your Partner
    June 1, 2009 You can have an important discussion with your partner go well when you prepare yourself, seek first to understand, and end it with gratitude and followup. Any good meeting Read more
  • Make Your Troubles Less Troubling
    August 1, 2009 When you get good at not making big deals out of things, getting perspective, and having some fun along the way, you will find yourself easing through most Read more